Admission Steps

International Disaster Psychology - MA

Admission Requirements

policy for more details.

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  • Read the policy for more details.

  • policy for more details.

    Application Materials

    Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of Recommendation

    Two (2) letters of recommendation are required.  Letters should be submitted by recommenders through the online application.

    Required Essays and Statements

    Essays and Statements

    Essay Instructions

    Please respond to the the following two essay questions and upload in one document to the online application.  Please number each essay response.

    - Essay 1: One of the unique aspects of the GSPP MAIDP program is the opportunity for students to travel, work and live internationally while completing their field experience. During these field experiences students sometimes live and work in uncomfortable and unfamiliar cultural conditions. Describe your interests and expectations about working under these conditions and the strengths and weaknesses you would bring to the experience.

    - Essay 2: Tell us what led you to be interested in the field of International Disaster Psychology and discuss your understanding of the professional opportunities that would be available to a psychologist trained in this area. Be sure to indicate your ultimate professional goal(s) and how you envision your path to accomplish that/those goal(s).


    Résumé Instructions

    The résumé (or C.V.) should include work experience, research, and/or volunteer work.



    For more information about the programs that the Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) offers, please refer to GSPP's admissions webpage.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding admission requirements, deadlines, and late application materials, please contact [email protected]男女做爰高清免费视频,男女做爰高清免费视频片段 视频,男女夜间视频免费观看 or call (303) 871-3736.