Admission Steps

Social Work - PHD

Admission Requirements

policy for more details.

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  • Read the policy for more details.

  • policy for more details.

    Application Materials

    Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of Recommendation

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    Required Essays and Statements

    Essays and Statements

    Personal Statement Instructions

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    Résumé Instructions

    The résumé (or C.V.) should include all educational achievements, relevant work experience, research and/or volunteer work.

    Writing Sample

    Writing Sample Instructions

    Submit a sample of your writing completed within the past five years. This may be a published article, a manuscript prepared for publication, a re-worked paper from a graduate program or a newly prepared sample. The writing sample should demonstrate scholarship, command of literature, critical thinking and research skills. The paper must be a minimum of ten pages, but preferably 10 - 18 pages, and must explore a topic relevant to social work knowledge. In evaluating this sample, we will examine evidence of scholarly writing skills, incorporation of relevant literature, mastery of research methods, analytic acuity, clarity of discussion and implications for social work.